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Zanzibar originated as early as the 8th century. The commercial importance of the city grew particularly after it become the primary residence of Omani Sultan Said ibn Sultan in 1840.

 The town is a slumbering paradise where green cloves, bread leaf, rice, cinnamon and coconuts still grow wild. Also Zanzibar includes the main Island "Unguja" and her sister island Pemba. There is a huge aroma of the cloves, vanilla, cardamom and nutmeg
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The town is a fascination place of narrow streets, overhanging balconies and huge, intricately carved wooden doors. Its a place where the famous 19th century explorers such as Livingstone, Stanley, Burton , Speke and Grant began their fateful journeys into the "dark" interior.

When you visit Zanzibar you will feel as if you have been taken back in the days of the sailors, pirates and the sultans. Dressed in colorful veils and long white dresses, women and men walk slowly up the beach where a lonely dhow sails towards the golden sunset. Cheers, trumpets, mystery and the smell of the spices rules the narrow streets of Zanzibar 20 miles from the mainland, Zanzibar Island golden beaches stretches for kilometers.

It was the ancient trading port of the sultans of Oman in the 19th century. Zanzibar town is one of its kind in the world, the architecture of Zanzibar resonates the exotic Arabic, Persian and Indian cultures that had many impact in Zanzibar history, Carved doors and balconies decorate the houses which are made of coral stone. Inland, the island is Garden of Eden offering the most exquisite tropical species


Tanga is both the name of the northerly sea port city of Tanzania and is the closest port to Kenya. Tanga is also a paradise of beautiful beaches and clear blue waters, with beautiful attractions.

Such as Amboni Caves, Galanos Hot Springs, Toten Island, Tanga war graves and Memorials, Tongoni Ruins, Ndumi Village defense works, Mwarongo sand beaches.

Braventure Africa can set up all details, lodging and bookings to give you an amazing beach holiday any time

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